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Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome

🖤#itbandsyndrome is something I see regularly with my clients who have knee pain.

🖤 Your IT band is a multipurpose tendon which runs from your pelvis to your shin.

🖤Causes of IT band syndrome can be from activities such as running, cycling and rowing. These can be repetitive and can overuse the tendon. This then causes friction on the outside of the thigh bone and creates inflammation.

🖤 Symptoms can vary from knee pain when bending the leg, when walking downstairs, when running (especially downhill), swelling around the knee and increased tightness on the outside of your leg.

🖤If IT band syndrome is not treated it can lead to chronic knee pain.

🖤 Treatment can be very simple. Stretching the leg, rolling the back of the leg, the thigh and the buttock. Making sure you are using both legs equally when exercising and not overusing one leg.

🖤Massage can also relieve many of the symptoms and release the tightness.

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